RCPE Professional: Enterprise WAN Optimization

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RCPE Professional: Enterprise WAN Optimization
50 Credits - Individual
360 Credits - Dedicated
5 Day Event
Cloud Acceleration

The Riverbed® Certified Performance Engineering (RCPE) Professional Enterprise WAN Optimization course expands on the principles of WAN optimization technology that accelerate delivery of applications over the hybrid WAN for the large scale, complex IT enterprise.

The primary objective of the RCPE Professional Level course in Enterprise WAN Optimization is to teach IT professionals how to increase application performance in large scale, consolidated environments.

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Included Content

Supplemental eLearning
Module - RCPE Professional: Optimize SaaS Applications
Module - RCPE Professional: Integrate Riverbed SaaS Accelerator with SteelHead Mobile
Module - RCPE Professional: Optimize Web Traffic Using the Web Proxy
Module - RCPE Professional: Optimize SSL Traffic
Module - RCPE Professional: Install & Troubleshoot the WAN Appliance
Module - RCPE Professional: WAN Optimization & Application Acceleration
Module - RCPE Professional: Reporting & Diagnostics for the WAN
HOL1129 - Master and Backup Deployment
HOL1112 - Integrating SteelHead SSOOP in Your Network
HOL1161 - Asymmetric Routing
HOL1120 - Virtual In-Path Deployment Using Policy Based Routing (PBR)
HOL1123 - Virtual In-Path Deployment Using Web Cache Control Protocol (WCCP)
HOL1115 - WCCP Advanced Logical In-Path Deployment
HOL1612 - Serial Interceptor In-Path Deployment
HOL1613 - Quad Interceptor In-Path Deployment
HOL1810 - Initial Installation & Configuration of SteelCentral Mobile Controller (SCCM)
HOL1811 - Client Accelerator Packages on SteelCentral Mobile Controller (SCCM)
HOL1831 - Location Awareness & Branch Warming on SteelCentral Mobile Controller (SCCM)
HOL1171 - Configuring Security Settings
HOL1127 - Satellite SCPS Deployment
HOL1128 - MX-TCP Deployment
HOL1143 - Deploying and Configuring QoS using the SCC
HOL1162 - Basic Path Selection
HOL1163 - Secure Transport
HOL1299 - Enteprise WAN Optimization - End-of-course Practical
HOL1174 - Configure the SteelHead Appliance to Report to a SteelCentral NetProfiler
HOL1175 - Prove WAN Optimization Benefits using SteelCentral Transaction Analyzer