RCPE Professional: NetProfiler Administrator

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RCPE Professional: NetProfiler Administrator
20 Credits - Individual
144 Credits - Dedicated
2 Day Event

This two-day professional level course covers the design, installation and system configuration of a NetProfiler deployment, including initial sizing and scaling, connectivity, user administration and maintenance.

Upon completion of the Riverbed® Certified Performance Engineering (RCPE) Professional NetProfiler Administrator instructor-led training course this course, participants will be able to specify the sizing requirements for a NetProfiler deployment, and its component requirements with geographic placing and connectivity.

The course covers security practices and user permissions and authentication requirements. All integrations are covered with respect to the profiler, but without specific details of each integrated device, which are covered on their own courses. Administration tasks such as Service Definition and Dashboard creation are covered in theory, as well as with hands-on lab exercises. The options of Alerts and Notifications administration and tuning of the analytics are also part of the hands-on labs. Maintenance subjects include the storage of flow details, backups and restoration, software maintenance, health monitoring and troubleshooting.

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